Let me introduce myself: “This is GoldFoto”

Nowadays everyone is a “photographer”: we just need a smartphone and few touches to picture anything: a panoramic view, a glimpse, an emotion.  In the past, the photographer studio is the only way to give life to photos, developing a roll of film, at present you should go there in the name of quality. Here and now, I’ll try to narrate who I am and, even though we got plenty of technology to use, why a photographer is still worth a visit or more than that. I’m Maurizio Badolato, photographer since I was 17 years old and these are some of my experiences. In 1980, I was [...]

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Wedding planner: “The Wedder”, a reference in Italy for the organization of weddings and ceremonies

Wedding planner: everybody talks about it, but a few of them knows for sure what it is behind this job that is made for the organization of events and weddings. In order to understand this profession, we have asked to The Wedder, a famous wedding planner agency of Rome, their professional opinions.  Let’s know better about this job and its importance that makes unforgettable one of the most important moments in everyone’s life.   The Wedder is a creation of Maurizio Badolato, international wedding photographer since 1992, this agency is a true benchmark about the organization of straight and gay civil weddings, religious weddings and symbolic weddings, [...]

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