Civil Weddings

The civil ceremony will be held in the City Hall or directly at the reception venue, so that your guests don’t have to move.

CIVIL WEDDINGS (even for foreign nationals)

In order for non-nationals to marry in Italy, you will most likely be required to produce legal documentation from your country of citizenship. The most important document that a foreign national needs to get married in Italy is the Nulla Osta, issued (in accordance with Article 116 of Italian Civil Code) by the competent authority of your home country or, in any case, an equivalent document issued on the basis of specific international agreements and conventions.
This certificate of No Impediment needs to state that there are no impediments as to why you can’t get legally married in Italy according to the law applied in your home country.
The spouses not domiciled and not resident in Italy have to sign a statement declaring that there is no consanguinity, affinity, adoption,
affiliation or any other impediments according to the articles 85,86,87 n° 1,2, 4 and 88 of the Italian Civil Code. The statement has to be signed at the Registry Office a few days before the wedding. No witnesses are required.

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