Religious Rite

Religious or Canonical Ceremonies
The wedding ceremony will be performed following your religious affiliation and in the respect of all the bureaucratic rules both of your home country and those current in Italy: no worry, we will handle them with you.
Available ceremonies: catholic, orthodox and jewish.

Catholic Ceremony
For this type of ceremony, we advise you to plan everything well in advance, at least 4 months before the expected date. The first thing to do is asking your hometown parish for the Nulla Osta permission and the banns of marriage. Your parish will then have to give these documents to the parish of the established location. After that, these documents, along with the certificate of published banns, will be endorsed by the Curia.

Non-Catholic Ceremony
For the non-catholic creeds permitted by the Italian Government you have to present to the city council the following documents:
– The banns of marriage
– Your minister’s request with the certificate of appointment from the Italian Ministry of Interior.

The wedder, through your personal wedding planner, will provide you all the necessary support.





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