Church of Saint Paul within the Walls

Anglican Church in Rome

St. Paul’s within the walls was the first Protestant church to be built in Rome in 1873 after the Unification of Italy. It is designed in Gothic-Revival style and it’s externally characterised by red bricks and travertine. On its façade there’s a rose window decorated by Evangelistic symbols.

The three-aisle interior is adorned by marvelous mosaics. The apse, the rear façade, the aisles and even the floor are true masterpieces.

There are also many glass windows telling St. Paul’s life stories.

Every wall , the nave floor and the apse are entirely covered by magnificent mosaics.

The interesting fact is that this artwork portraits some of the most relevant personalities of the XVII century: St Andrews has the face of Abraham Lincoln ; St. James – Giuseppe Garibaldi’s; St. Patrickgeneral – Grant’s, the leader of the American secession war.

Cerimonia Same-Sex dalla Chiesa di Saint Paul

Guideline for the Ceremonies in Saint Paul’s Within The Walls Church

St. Paul’s within the walls is an episcopal church and, yet not being officially recognized by the Italian state to officiate a civil wedding, it may be used to perform the following ceremonies:
Anglican wedding ceremonies
Religious marriage for same-sex couples
Blessings for all kind of couples

When one or both of you are divorced you need the bishop’s permission in order to get married and it has to be granted in any given moment before the ceremony takes place. A copy of the certificate has to be handed to the parish office by The Wedder.

To civilly married couples, the wedding ceremony will make use of the Book of Common Prayer. The Blessing for civil unions can be performed in two ways: PROOF AND BLESSING OF AN ETERNAL PACT

This service was especially conceived for same-sex couples who cannot get legally married.

Wedding celebration and blessing
It’s a form of thanksgiving and prayer service during which the spouses exchange rings and vows. It was especially conceived for unchristian couples who still wish to get married in church. As before, the couple has to be already civilly married. This kind of ceremony can be performed by a laical ministrant.


  • airport reception and hotel transfer with your wedding plannert
  • Planning and dress fitting* at your hotel the afternoon before the wedding
  • Wedding day: your wedding planner, hairstylist and make-up artist will be there two hours before the ceremony.
  • Hairstyle,make-up and dressing
  • You will arrive at St. Paul’s church by limousine that will be at your disposal to take you back to the hotel after the ceremony
  • The celebrant,organist, your wedding planner and the live streaming cameraman will remain at your service throughout the whole ceremony

*the dress fitting is only included for those renting the wedding dress from us.


  • Soprano and choir during the ceremony
  • Italian sparkling wine to toast with your guests
  • Rose petals toss outside the church
  • Photographer available for your ceremony and/or for Rome photo tour (from one to four locations)
  • Wedding reportage cameraman
  • Horse-drawn carriage ride in Rome
  • Wedding lunch or dinner

Tips for your Wedding Reception

After such a suggestive ceremony we are pleased to propose some amazing venues for your wedding reception.