Fiori & Fantasia

Claudia Pacifico and Elisa Di Caprio

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”

(Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

Claudia Pacifico and Elisa Di Caprio understands the importance of flowers. Every day they selects the flowers, scents and colors that she then turns into delicate and romantic flower arrangements. With them expert team of floral designers, Claudia twists corollas, Elisa finely works blossoms and petals, blends fragrances and colors to create an unforgettable impression for your special day.

Tradition and innovation: floral artistry is the starting point for an inspiring display that will steal your heart and immortalize your special day.

Some of the realizations designed by Claudia and Elisa:

Claudia Pacifico and Elisa Di Caprio are not only professionals with a passion for their work, they have behind them a network of 2,416 Floral Designers throughout Italy. A connected and synergic group capable of maintaining a high quality standard.


An elegant pattern for a versatile and innovative bouquet. The rose and the ribbon colors in the arrangement can be totally customized.

Angel's Falls

A cascade of flowers, ideal for more linear dresses and for any type of fabric. The color and the length can be customized.


Whimsical and extravagant , seashells replace flowers (although flowers can be added, too) to enhance your seaside wedding.

Lonely Rose

Red is our ultimate bouquet, powerful and eye-catching. It is made of a single rose supplemented by a briliant crown of rose petals.


It’s the 2018 wedding trend! This floral arrangement is achieving a resounding success among brides for its uniqueness. The color can be customized to match your dress accessories.