Villa del Cardinale

Dominating Albano Lake and Roman Hills, Cardinal’s Villa in Rocca di Papa is surrounded by an uncontaminated strip of nature, where every stone and shadow jealously preserve making off-memories.

Surrounded by the colors and scents of Albano Lake, gives to each Event an unparalleled atmosphere.

The dwelling is a suggestive residential building used for hunting in the seventeenth century.

Built in the year 1629, by Cardinal Gerolamo Colonna, the Villa houses a beautiful private Chapel, named after Saint John Paul II, that has an altar made from an ancient Roman millstone and period furnishings; it can accommodate up to 70 guests.


The culinary art of the villa is distinguished by a clever mix of tradition and innovation, abundance and accuracy, under the banner of high quality cuisine and decades of experience.

Civil Rite

At our Venue, you can celebrate the authentic Civil Rite, to experience every moment of your Marriage in a unique and exclusive Location.

Villa del Cardinale has many external and internal spaces, the Italian Garden, the glasshouse Winter Garden and Panoramic Terraces.

Religious Rite

In the Villa of the Cardinal’s Chapel is possible to officiate the Religious Rite for the renewal of marriage vows and for symbolic ceremonies.