Artists and Musical Entertainment

Almost all wedding receptions are enhanced by professional musicians or performers. The couple can choose solo singers accompanied by several instruments such as keyboard, guitar, piano, violin and harp.

For a different kind of event, we suggest a live band (duos or trios) or a Dj-set for dancing. Of course you can personalize the music by choosing cover artists, animators and so on. All the classical musicians are graduates of the Santa Cecilia conservatory.

The list of artists available is the result of a careful selection.

Crazy Revolution

Crazy Revolution is a company capable of creating any type of show, entertainment or performance. From music to acrobatics, through street circus or moments of magic, we make your dreams and ideas come true.

Our only limit is your imagination. Our aim?
Help make your wedding unique and special. We want to give unforgettable emotions through unique and high-level experiences, offering completely customizable services. One of our strong points is historical reenactment. We can theme your wedding in any era, from ancient Rome to the Middle Ages, thanks to immersive setups and collaboration with the best Italian historical reenactment groups. 


Video in which we revisit an Italian evergreen.

In this video we gave words to the music of a beautiful soundtrack with the help of a Celtic harp and a medieval bagpipe.

This video is a clear example of how we manage to blend modern sounds with 80’s sounds.

In this track without video, Soul-Food Vocalist express their love for American standard music with a 40-piece orchestra

Music must be taken seriously but also with the joy of having fun, as in this case.

In this track without video extracted from the Vocalist album, there is a clear example of traveling acoustic music from the 1940s to the present day, from Alberto Rabagliati to Eros Ramazzotti, from Bill Withers to Diana Ross.

Marriage of Notes

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
F. Nietzsche.

Maestro Antonino D’Urso, graduated with honors from the Santa Cecilia conservatory, boasts a curriculum full of training courses and masters, has collaborated with internationally renowned artists, musical director of numerous theatrical and television shows in Italy and abroad.

Head of Marriage of Notes, Agency that offers a vast overview of solutions of entertainment ranging for the musical genres: Classical, Rock Band, Jazz, Swing, Pop and DJ Set.

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Charleston Group

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Dixieland Group