Katia Malizia versatile artist.
Painter, Portraitist, Interior decorator, trompe l’oeil, pictorial, ceramic and mosaic restoration.

In 2010, the encounter with the world of Cake Design, fascinated by this new art form, gave birth to the idea of ​​merging its two passions, portraits and sugar art, creating a unique combination that distinguishes it as the only portrait artist on sugar paste.

Manual skill is the possibility of realizing an idea, but only passion and love transform it into a work of art Katia Malizia

The creations of Katia Malizia are periodically published in the magazines of the sector including “Pasticceria Internazionale”, on various blogs and websites, collaborating with Event Planner, Patisserie, Academies and Onlus Associations.

Today she’s competition judge and international teacher.

Organize events and actively participate in all events dedicated to the Cake Design and Pastry sector in Italy and abroad.