Nowadays everyone is a “photographer”: we just need a smartphone and few touches to picture anything: a panoramic view, a glimpse, an emotion. 

In the past, the photographer studio is the only way to give life to photos, developing a roll of film, at present you should go there in the name of quality. Here and now, I’ll try to narrate who I am and, even though we got plenty of technology to use, why a photographer is still worth a visit or more than that.

I’m Maurizio Badolato, photographer since I was 17 years old and these are some of my experiences.

In 1980, I was a photographer in the army, in the nineties, I was mentioned as photographic director for some musical documentaries for international and national TV channels, winning some prizes.

In 1999 I create GoldFoto, nowadays it’s a photographer studio for “Wedding in Italy” (not only that), working in Italy and in some foreign countries.

In 2006, I found PROLUCE, an photographic association that is also a school and teach future photographers, right there I teach what means the most to me: capture the world around us made of objects in motion, capable of reflect lights.

In 2016, I create “The Wedder”, an agency that offers every services that are related to wedding planning.

Now as then, the job of the photographer is to capture, narrate and communicate. Through the art of photography, made of lights, silhouettes, technique and experience, it’s possible to communicate emotions, products, events and personality. 

These are the following services of GoldFoto, one of the most important and active studios in Rome:

  • Photographic reportage for events, ceremonies and weddings;
  • Photo shoots for editorial and advertising propose;
  • Photo portraits and photographic services for experts and personalities;
  • Aerial video recording, drones included;
  • Video Editing.

And through our site “The Wedder”:

  • Wedding planning;
  • Atelier and Dresses;
  • Florist Designer;
  • Cars and Tours;
  • Hairstylist & Make-Up Artists;
  • Performers;
  • Firework Shows.