Wedding planner: everybody talks about it, but a few of them knows for sure what it is behind this job that is made for the organization of events and weddings. In order to understand this profession, we have asked to The Wedder, a famous wedding planner agency of Rome, their professional opinions. Let’s know better about this job and its importance that makes unforgettable one of the most important moments in everyone’s life.

The Wedder is a creation of Maurizio Badolato, international wedding photographer since 1992, this agency is a true benchmark about the organization of straight and gay civil weddings, religious weddings and symbolic weddings, for instance laic-oriented wedding or even blessing.

All the work is based on one simple principle: provide the client with specific services and professionalitie(tailors, florist designers, drivers, hairstylists and make-up artists, firework shows, tour organization) from the start of the event, using a tailor-made plan, with a customized approach that revolves around only one person: the wedding planner.

According to The Wedder, foreign clients are very important too: the agency is capable of handling the organization of the wedding for the ones who dream to celebrate it in Italy. That’s why The Wedder is a solid reference for the destination wedding planners from outside Italy that include our beautiful country in their location preferences.

This is possible because the personnel speak smoothly many languages like English, French, German, Portoguese, Japanese, Russian; not only for the organization of the event or customer service but to establish human contact with the clients in order to satisfy their wishes and personal expectations.

Not only the wedding planner coordinates the various services required for the event, he or she can take care of the location too. He or she need to suggest properly to the clients which location to choose; giving account to some specific factors like: time of the year, logistic, availability. Last but not least, local products and food need a close attention.

From a church, a square, a monument or one of the wonderful views of Rome and Tuscany to a ceremony on a old steam train or a hot-air balloon, the wedding planner will choose and suggest the best of the best for the clients, that all their dreams will become true.

All of this and more is what a wedding planner is made of: a consultant, a friend and reference that will look after his or her clients from the start to the end of the event, offering a kaleidoscope of services and solutions that aims to one and only thing: make your best day the very best.

Editor: Daniele Motta©

Ph: Maurizio Badolato©